General Servicing

Most modern cars only need a service once a year, but older cars require a service once every six months. The manufacturer's service hand book will tell you what is best for your car. The type of service you need will also be affected by how you use your car. For example, lots of short journeys where the engine does not have a chance to warm up properly will likely mean more frequent oil and filter changes.

  • We'll ensure that your car leaves in top condition.
  • We'll give you peace of mind, knowing your car is free from potential flaws and defects.


Tyre wear is a natural process of the tyres lifespan, how fast the tyre wears depends on a number of factors including; speed, car load, weather and distance travelled. You should check your tyres regularly to ensure you have plenty of tread and no cracks or bulges on the tyre walls.

  • Drop by and we'll check your tyres FREE OF CHARGE, you don't even need an appointment!
  • When fitting your tyres we'll ensure they're 100% balanced, increasing their lifetime!
  • We'll fit and balance your tyres from only £19.99 + VAT!
  • We repair punctures too!

Part Repair and Replacement

We can repair and replace most parts from a variety of vehicle makes and models. Our assessment of your car will always be fair and accurate.

Parts Include:
  • Brake discs and pads
  • Exhausts
  • Suspension Bushes and Joints
  • Suspension Springs
  • Clutch
  • Gearbox
  • Engine Parts
  • Bulbs
  • Sensors
  • Oil and Filters

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Contact Us

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